All of our Commissioned Security Officers are licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety and focus on how to prevent crime or violence while providing excellent customer service. If you’re considering an armed security officer, chances are that you are responsible for the safety of a business or a worksite, as well as for the protection of the people who work in and around that location. Whether it’s a busy apartment complex, a one-register gift shop at the mall, or a busy construction zone, you have a lot to consider when it comes to security. While security systems and monitoring services are a good first line of protection, nothing beats the assurance of having an armed security guard present.

Working with a Green Zone armed security guard means working with the greatest in the business. Our armed guard training and certification surpasses that of most state and federal programs. We pride ourselves on providing only the most specialized and job-ready guards in the business and we accomplish that goal through in-depth training and ongoing coursework. There’s a sense of safety that only an armed guard can deliver. At Green Zone Security, we will help you gain that feeling of security and we will make sure you are protected.


There are many situations where unarmed security guards can be the best option when it comes to maintaining security. An officer who can communicate in a respectful way can be the best defense. Unarmed security services are important in areas where there needs to be continuous monitoring, but where the presence of an armed guard might cause needless distress, such as shopping malls, schools and other public places.

Although they may not be noticed, unarmed security services are essential in safeguarding those public places, while serving people at the same time.

For officers, depending on the requirements of the building, there are non-negotiable necessities, like the ability to stand for long hours, being able to lift a weight of up to 40 lbs. and passing a criminal background check, for example. Our guards will be able to follow instructions and work with minimal supervision.

What work can unarmed security guards do?  First, they patrol the properties and report to the authorities if there is any criminal activity and impose principles in the area assigned to them.

They also confine violators if they become violent. But basic security work aside, you will also find unarmed guards serving people by doing CPR if necessary and letting people out, in case they are locked in. They also help police with crowd control.

All these responsibilities tell you that an unarmed guard performs a lot of the work that an armed security guard does, except that they do not carry a gun.


The presence of a highly visible security vehicle patrolling your property can keep crime away. Mobile patrol services give property owners a great way of monitoring their facilities after business hours. Green Zone Security offers a wide range of mobile patrol services.  Our uniformed patrol officers, in noticeable patrol vehicles, can augment safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property. If an incident occurs on-site, Green Zone Security officers are proficient and ready to respond instantly, appropriately and in a professional manner.

Whether on foot, bike, golf-cart, or in a motor vehicle, our well-resourced, uniformed security patrol officers perform the following tasks to ensure the safety of residents, visitors and employees, and to maintain your properties’ protection. Our staff are skilled to protect you in different ways.

Our mobile patrol officers receive thorough, on-going, on-site training, specific to the location and client needs. Daily Activity Reports (DARs) completed by our patrol officers are submitted to the client management team for review. Additionally, incident reports are completed and filed at the end of shifts, if desirable. Our managers make both regular and spontaneous site visits and are willingly available to our clients. We train our mobile patrol officers to be watchful, to identify suspicious behavior and to address anything out of the ordinary to prevent issues before they occur. Our officers remain vigilant and informed through constant communications with local and state authorities, regarding potential threats. In addition, Green Zone Security patrol officers are connected to our 24/7 National Command Center and can respond immediately and alert local law enforcement if needed.


Theft can be a real issue for a business, whether it's a retail store or warehouse, our highly trained loss prevention officers can provide personnel safety and asset protection to your facility. 

If you are experiencing goods loss, due to theft or burglary, we will work with police officials to ensure that anyone involved is held accountable for their actions.  While consulting with you, we will provide professional advice and best-used methods of supervisory theft or losses within your business. You may install a state-of-the-art surveillance system, to observe challenging areas within your ability, with a surveillance expert on site. Traffic flows and parking areas can be monitored by a security officer posted near arrivals or with manifold security cameras. Inward or outward-bound products and employees can be monitored, to assist you in finding criminal discrepancies within your business.

Loss prevention security methods may differ depending on what your institution's needs are. For example, you may have a shop within a perilous neighborhood that often experiences burglaries or vandalism, therefore the store necessitates close monitoring.

If you have an industrial facility with a large inventory, you may need heavy outside surveillance that watches employee parking, visitor parking and truck loads. Some casino or gambling institutions may need expert spectators to perceive cheaters or fraudulent activity. In any case, we will work together with you to find what works best for your business.


A security assessment is an exercise that tests your organization's security posture by identifying potential risks, evaluating the existing controls and suggesting new controls. It incorporates all the components of a thorough check-up of your systems and will help you build a more solid security system. In a security risk assessment, Green Zone experts will assist you in evaluating and identifying areas of weakness and alter your security posture to address them. Performing a higher security valuation not only requires proven methodologies but a wide-ranging and in-depth understanding of the security space.

When your business team lacks the proficiency, resources or bandwidth to accomplish your security needs, the security professionals at Green Zone Security have the knowledge and professional skills to fill the gaps. Furthermore, this assessment procedure is continuously developing, allowing us to take advantage of lessons learned from previous assessments and to keep up with the latest security best practices. Our basic Security Assessment team uses an organized analysis progression, in order to develop a better understanding of your business, working conditions and exceptional security risks and threats. After receiving your request, one of our Specialized Security Consultants will call you to setup an appointment.